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HangZhou Daotian Vacuum Equipment Co.,Ltd. is located in, Xihu District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. The company formerly known as Taizhou DaoTian Vacuum Equipment Co., Ltd., established in 2003. May 2011 moved to Hangzhou, changed its name to Hangzhou DaoTian Vacuum Equipment Co., Ltd.

Now the company covers an area of over 1200 square meters, and has more than 50 employees. Its main processing equipment is NC and machining center MC made by MAZAK and OKUMA Japan, and its good at TIG weld, The Helium Leak Detector was be used in the leak test process.

Main products of our company are vacuum components of flange series, and vacuum valve. Including HVICFseries, andQuickcupringseries, bellows, enterring, vacuumchamber, etc. They are widely used for various high-new technology industries such as semiconductor manufacturing, vacuum precision devices, nuclear-related facilities, accelerators and so on.

The development of industry is proceeding parallel to progress in technologies, As needs grow more diverse, Products capable of enduring brutal conditions of use are repuired,We have set up an integrated in-house system to allow us to meet any customer request quickly,Our sales system makes us a good partner for customers.in consultations on anything from development to design to delivery shedules, Our customers can count on a flexible response.

Our quality policy: quality of life over there, do high-quality products.

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